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Since 1946, the Gonzales family has grown the rare and fabulous California Blenheim apricots. Grown on our Hollister ranch, we continue to be the farmer, pruner, dryer, packer, and seller of the vanishing Blenheim apricot. We produce the best tasting apricots in the world all "Home Grown in the Flavor Zone"!

In addition to our incredible dried apricots, be sure to discover our variety of nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds) and other dried fruits (peaches, pears, prunes, and more). For those who believe less is more, we have dark and delicious unsulfured dried apricots. And don't forget our sweet and tart selection of apricot jams and syrups as well as our decadent chocolate covered fruits and nuts.  Simply delicious! Everything here on the ranch is organically grown.


Patti and Gary Gonzales, Hollister, CA

Real and uncensored reviews about ApricotKing!
Real and uncensored reviews.

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Chocolate Dipped Apricots

We can never keep up with the demand for our chocolate dipped apricots.  We use a very fine chocolate, pick each and every single one up and hand-dip

them.  We use our large and tender apricots. Going one-by-one, ApricotKing half-dips to make each one have the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

They make an excellent presentation in standup bags or clear boxes.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Outstanding

    Posted by Debbie on May 12th 2016

    Best apricots I have had!

  2. Delicious Chocolate Covered, Hand Dipped Apricots

    Posted by Larry & Addie on Mar 25th 2016

    We have been fans of this delectable confection for years, and this most recent order inspires us to continue without hesitation. We happened upon the Gonzales Family business quite by accident by a search on the Internet and have been extremely happy ever since that first online order.
    We had the opportunity to meet Patti in 2014 when we traveled across the country from the East Coast to visit places, family and friends. We had been wanting to see this business since our first order and the opportunity presented itself when we were in San Francisco visiting friends. What a treat! The family is just as warm and friendly as one would expect from the nature of their family business. We were greeted and warmly received and offered us a tour of the farm and hand dipping operation.
    We certainly recommend anyone who likes apricots and chocolate to give these, and any of their other products, a try. We did and are very happy we did!

  3. Great Taste

    Posted by Jim Tomlinson on Dec 19th 2015

    Chocolate covered apricots - who would have thought? Tried and surprise! One of the best treats I have ever tasted. Eat just 2-3 at a time to stretch the pleasure out over a week.

  4. Hard to find treats

    Posted by Nicole on Dec 8th 2015

    I grew up eating chocolate-dipped apricots--they were easier to find back then when there were more orchards around the Santa Clara Valley. Good quality ones are hard to find now. So, I was happy to see these at my local farmer's market. These are soft and tender, not tough and old tasting. I purchased a few boxes last year for Christmas, and I intend to purchase more this Christmas. A nice gift and be sure to get a pack for yourself!

  5. My father LOVES

    Posted by NDiaga on Dec 4th 2015

    My father LOVES chocolate-dipped apricots. I never thought of making him a homemade batch until I read your post (smacking forehead with palm). The addition of brandy is brilliant...and will make Dad happy, happy! Thank you, Janet!~Cleoauthor of The Coffeehouse Mysteries

  6. Delicious - Chocolate & Apricots! MMMMM!

    Posted by Addie & Larry on Oct 28th 2015

    We've been buying these delicacies over the past several years and they just seem to get better and better. Sweet and chocolaty as they should be. Price is very reasonable for what is in the packaging.
    We can recommend them to anyone that likes high quality apricots and chocolate!

  7. Fabulous!

    Posted by Deb, Coventry RI on Sep 16th 2015

    Perfectly ripe and sweet-tart apricots, dipped in lovely chocolate. I keep them in the fridge and snack on a few at a time to make them last....when possible. A wonderful treat!

  8. Apricots were dried and not candied!

    Posted by Casey, Harrisburg, PA on Jul 20th 2015

    Very good. The apricots were dried and not candied.

  9. Apricot King really is royalty!

    Posted by Noreen, Pittsburgh, PA on Jul 20th 2015

    I just want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts to get my order here in time for my 80th birthday party. The apricots dipped in chocolate arrived yesterday afternoon in great condition and will be the perfect gift for me to give everyone who will be bringing me gifts. We are setting the table today, and there will be a bag of chocolate dipped apricots at each place. I know for sure that I’m giving everyone their favorite treat, because for years my family has happily demolished my supply! Apricot King really is royalty! So here’s a hug and a very big thank you from me and my family.

  10. OMG! The chocolate is the best!

    Posted by Jeralyn, Pacific Grove, CA on Jul 20th 2015

    I tried these for the first time at my Granddaughters bridal shower. OMG the chocolate is the best. I eat only Sees candy, this to me is just as good. The apricots were tender and sweet. I was just going to eat one on my way home. Well I brought the empty bag home. Loved them.

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