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Dried Blenheim Apricots - Diced Apricots

Item#: DF-14
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We've made it easy for you!

Many of our recipes call for chopped Blenheim apricots. We take our better, smaller cots with excellent color and flavor and dice and bag them for you. Perfect for pie making or for jam. They're low in sulphur, prefect for baking and ready to mix with our recipes.

Diced to perfection!!

Keep refrigerated or frozen.

$11.00 - $25.00

     20 oz. - $11.00
     3 lbs. Diced - $25.00


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Better tasting than any other unsulphured apricots that I've eaten. Unless you are quite concerned about having the sulphur preservative...I've just opted to stick with the sulphured versions...especially the Diced Apricot versions (which are fantastic) ~ Michael the Beloved, West L.A.

I bought the 10oz bag and really enjoyed this with my granola cereal I also enjoy eating it by itself and find it to be more flavorful than the Jumbo Extra Fancy. I did not refrigerate it after opening, as I found it lasted for about 9 days (when finished) without any noticeable degradation in taste. I've now made a 2nd subsequent bulk ~ Michael the Beloved, West L.A.

These are the best to put in your morning cereal, hot cereal, my friend puts them in his homemade bread, a great snack food, My brother makes a crepe type breakfast and puts in cottage cheese made here and these diced apricots-- amazingly wonderful.. Yum, yum, yum.... (^-^) ~ Valerie, Shingle Springs,

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