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:: Puddles Are BACK!!!

We've found a wonderful chocolatier to help make one of most popular items!  The finest dark chocolate, the gooiest caramel, and the most exquisite apricots make these the incredible treats that they are!  Get yours today!

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Apricot Leathers

Item#: DF-30
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The wildly popular and fabulously sweet leathers are BACK! All fruit and nothing but the fruit. The old-timers are always asking for fruit done the "old fashioned" way...overripe fruit pulled off the tray, lightly rinsed and very, very sun-dried. They are intensely flavored, firm & dry, thin & sweet. If you like them soft and moist, order our other apricots. These are unique in their flavor and texture. We only have a limited supply, so get yours soon.

Keep refrigerated.

$25.00 - $112.00

     1.5 lbs. - $25.00
     Bulk 8.0 lbs. - $112.00


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The reason you buy California instead of Turkish apricots is the flavor, and leathers have the intense sweet and sour taste that made you prefer the California variety. ~ Duane, NYC

I'm in heaven. Apricot King leathers are worth their weight in gold! In Taiwan, the selection of imported dried apricots is limited to sweet, whole apricots. I prefer sour cots, so the leathers are absolutely fantastic! ~ David Swaine, Taipei, Taiwan

I can't survive without apricots, even if I have to get them sent to me from the other side of the planet! ~ David, Taipei, Taiwan

I tell everyone I know how much I enjoy your apricots and especially the Leathers. ~ Paul

My boyfrend just sent me a 2lb bag as a gift. I think I'm in love! The best apricots I have ever had! FANTASTIC!!! ~ Jacqueline, Oklahoma City

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