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Dried French Prunes (no sulphur dioxide)

Item#: DF-6
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The CotKing thought he waited too long harvesting these prunes. The result was big, thick, "full of sugar", moist, French prunes. The CotKids converted to prune lovers! Don't call them plums!

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     14 oz. - $6.00
     3 lb. - $15.00


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These prunes are totally delicious, smooth, sweet, and most flavorful prunes that I have ever tasted. When I was younger, (long time ago) I picked prunes in Santa Clara but those were not the dried prunes of today. But, the taste of those prunes of yesteryear bring back fond memories. I am always sending care packages to the grandkids, family in the states and outside the states plus buying for family and friends close by. Thank you so much for making these available. ~ Josie Gutierrez, San Jose, Ca.

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