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Flavor Zone Snack Pack

Item#: DF-9
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An outstanding combination of everything we grow! For the fruit lovers who can't decide what they like best, we include lots of apricots, almonds and walnuts (in their own little stay-fresh pack so they don't get soggy from the fruit), cut up prunes, pears and cherries together in this bite-size combo. Great for traveling, snacking, lunches, gifting etc. It's really a wonderful combination of all the flavors from ApricotKing.


     18 oz. - $12.00


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I love your Bleinheims, and gave them as gifts at Christmas. They were so good I wished I kept them. Just kidding, I'll just order more next time. The Snack Pack is so wonderful in every way. I need to keep these on my shelf. ~ Maurine, Portland Oregon

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