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:: Puddles Are BACK!!!

We've found a wonderful chocolatier to help make one of most popular items!  The finest dark chocolate, the gooiest caramel, and the most exquisite apricots make these the incredible treats that they are!  Get yours today!

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Apricot Syrup

Item#: JS-4
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Try some of our pourable syrup made from Blenheim apricots, a little lemon, a little sugar and pectin. Perfect for ice cream, waffles, or a glaze on your roast ham or chicken.


     15 oz. - $7.50


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This is a fantastic addition to waffles or pancakes. Shared the first bottle with our granddaughters and now we have to fight to have our share. Even gave one granddaughter a bottle of her very own for Christmas. Think it was her favorite gift!! I like my syrup a little sweeter, so sprinkle powdered sugar on top. ~ Patricia, Missouri

AWESOME! ~ Trish, Florida

I love this syrup! I put it in lemon yogurt and dip my coconut prawns in it! ~ Judy, San Luis Obispo, CA

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