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:: Puddles Discontinued

We're sad to announce that we can no longer offer our delicious Puddles. Our chocolatier is no longer taking custom orders.  If any of our loyal customers know of a chocolatier that have a chocolate enrober, please contact us and let us know.

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Apricot Pepper Syrup

Item#: JS-5
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Some people like it warm and spicy! And we've kicked it up a notch and made it hotter by popular demand! Hotter than our Apricot Pepper Jam, our pourable apricot pepper syrup is one of our most popular items. Baste it on fish, pork, and especially chicken. Made with dried Blenheim apricots, sugar, apple cider vinegar, dried red chili peppers and crushed jalapeno peppers.


     15 oz. - $7.50


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We punched up our traditional Thanksgiving apricot margaritas with a dollop of this syrup. Much better than the jalapeno margarita at Jardines in San Juan Bautista. Second the idea to pour some over cream cheese and then spread on a cracker - yummy! ~ Christine, Blaine WA

My favorite is to pour this over vanilla ice cream. It is great with crackers of any kind as a wonderful horsduerves poured over cream cheese.. Yummy!! ~ Valerie, Shingle Springs,

These are the best to put in your morning cereal, hot cereal, my friend puts them in his homemade bread, a great snack food, My brother makes a crepe type breakfast and puts in cottage cheese made here and these diced apricots-- amazingly wonderful.. Yum, yum, yum.... (^-^) ~ Valerie, Shingle Springs,

Scrumptious! A tangy, peppery taste that leaves a mellow warmth on your tongue. Nice! ~ Teri, Oroville

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