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Since 1946, the Gonzales family has grown the rare and fabulous California Blenheim apricots. Grown on our Hollister ranch, we continue to be the farmer, pruner, dryer, packer, and seller of the vanishing Blenheim apricot. We produce the best tasting apricots in the world all "Home Grown in the Flavor Zone"!

In addition to our incredible dried apricots, be sure to discover our variety of nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds) and other dried fruits (peaches, pears, prunes, and more). For those who believe less is more, we have dark and delicious unsulfured dried apricots. And don't forget our sweet and tart selection of apricot jams and syrups as well as our decadent chocolate covered fruits and nuts.  Simply delicious! Everything here on the ranch is organically grown.


Patti and Gary Gonzales, Hollister, CA

Real and uncensored reviews about ApricotKing!
Real and uncensored reviews.

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French Prunes

The Santa Clara Valley, known as the Valley of the Heart's Delight, produced the best fruit in the world.

ApricotKing grows the French Prunes from that same area.  

The result is big, thick, moist, velvety French Prunes. 

They are pitted & delicious.

Prunes are high in fiber and potassium!

They are exceptional.


Product Reviews

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  1. Visions of Sugar Plums

    Posted by Edward on Dec 19th 2019

    I ordered these to go into a homemade fruitcake, but if I'm not careful, they'll all be gone before I get around to baking it! Sweet and tart, these taste like memories of summer, with just a hint of molasses.

  2. Excellent French prunes

    Posted by MPA on Dec 11th 2019

    The dried French prunes are simply delicious!!! They're soft & juicy (without pits) and are great plain or chopped up and added to cereal or oatmeal. Also, there are many health benefits in eating them daily.

  3. The Honest Best

    Posted by Philip Davis on Nov 6th 2019

    I understand that a prune is the variety of plum that is best suited for drying and which is customarily eaten when dried. Someone who really likes prunes does not call a prune a dried plum. A tasty prune is not hard to find, but ApricotKing’s prunes are absolutely supreme in taste and texture.

  4. French prunes

    Posted by Nancy on Oct 12th 2019

    Great dessert. Natural sweet

  5. Deeeelicious

    Posted by Janice on Oct 4th 2019

    Plump & moist with pure prune flavor. A far cry from Sunsweet. A bit addictive.

  6. Best prunes I've tried

    Posted by Daniel on Oct 2nd 2019

    I love these prunes--they are tender, sweet, and have a great well-rounded flavor. Much more depth of flavor than what you get in the supermarket. I love to snack on these with pecans or walnuts. And don't tell the kids, but I actually grind a few of them up with some uncured bacon and stir them into my homemade meat loaf to add a little sweetness and complexity (in place of sugar-laden ketchup) and they love it!

  7. Use Every Day

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 14th 2019

    Slice these prunes into my oatmeal every morning. Wonderful way to maintain regularity. And delicious.

  8. Best prunes, bar none!

    Posted by Tricia on Jun 23rd 2019

    These are sweet and succulent and worth every penny! I’ve bought them for years, first at an independent grocery, Star Grocery, in Berkeley in CA. Now that I’ve moved to the Boston area, I order them directly from Apricotkibg.

  9. Plump and tasty

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 22nd 2019

    My husband dotes on prunes, and he thinks the Apricot Kings are the best with great flavor and tender plus nice and plump. Everything a prune should be.

  10. The best French prunes

    Posted by Daniel on Feb 3rd 2019

    Delicious, tender, loaded with flavor. These are the best dried plums I've ever tried.

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