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We've found a wonderful chocolatier to help make one of most popular items!  The finest dark chocolate, the gooiest caramel, and the most exquisite apricots make these the incredible treats that they are!  Get yours today!

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Apricot Pits (kernels in the shell)*

Item#: DF-16
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Our sun dried Blenheim apricot pits are organically home grown...pesticide free. Get out your hammer and crack the purest concentration of nature's vitamin B-17. The kernels are chewable, bitter, and a natural source of Laetrile, B-15 and B-17.
Our kernels are not shelled. A hammer, hand-held nutcracker or similar tool will be needed to crack the shells. Customers have found that a hand-held nutcracker is preferable as, when placed correctly in the nutcracker, the nuts come out in one piece.
Check out our recipes page for a great way to eat these very nutritious pits.

*Apricot pits are considered controversial because, like apple seeds, they contain cyanide. However, they also contain vitamin B-17 and Laetrile not found in any other food source. Please use reasonable judgment when consuming this product.


     Bulk 9 lbs. - $30.00


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These are the real thing. Normal bitter apricot pits - unlike many types of apricot pits you'll find from other sellers which are not actually bitter. I just wish they came in smaller sized bags or already shelled. Great product at a great price though. This is the best provider I've found though in an age when the government has shut down nearly every source of "B17". ~ Glenn

These pits are absolutely fantastic--and since they are not shelled, they are not all wrinkled up and dry like some brands you buy. They are easily "cracked" with an old fashioned nut cracker--not difficult to do at all. I love the way they taste. ~ Sandra, Decatur, IL

These apricot pits are the best I have ever found. Because they have not been shelled, they are fresh, and not wrinkled and dried up like those expensive kinds you buy in a package. While the owners have chosen to place a warning on these, I have to laugh. These days, natural foods carry a "warning"--foods people used to eat on a regular basis--with no fear. Now, because of the government demonizing these foods, people seem to be frightened. From what I have read, the so called "cyanide" contained in foods like the kernels of these pits, actually help to kill cancer cells, with no damage to other healthy cells. They taste exactly like almonds used to taste before the were required to be pasteurized, leaving them nutritionally void. Apricot pit kernels are a good substitute for almonds, since you cannot get almonds unpasteurized in this country now. I love these things! ~ Sandy, Decatur, IL

The apricot pits are wonderful! ~ Paul

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