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We've found a wonderful chocolatier to help make one of most popular items!  The finest dark chocolate, the gooiest caramel, and the most exquisite apricots make these the incredible treats that they are!  Get yours today!

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Natural Unsulphured Dried Blenheim Apricots

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Our unsulphured Blenheim apricots are organically grown and dried naturally in the sun with NO preservatives or pesticides. As they sun-dry, they become black in color....deep, dark, complex, and delicious.

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I love these Natural Unsulphured Dried Apricots. I think they are a good natural source of iron. I cook them in a small amount of water for just a few minutes. I eat a few every night with some raw almonds. Healthy Snack! ~ Loujean Wasson, Alexandria, Louiiisiana

BEST APRICOTS EVER!!!Excellent product!!! Worst customer service...please read 'how to win friends and influence people. Rude and smarmy you were. Look, we can tell when your being like that so please stop! ~ Nevin Plummer, Oregon

I bought so many dried apricots I decided to make jam. Oh my gosh, absolutely delish! I will be buying more of the unsulfured ones because they make a wonderful treat. I cook them all day in my crockpot and sweeten them only with apple or pineapple concentrate. Then I jar them and put them in the freezer. I guess I could do a canning bath but this is easier. ~ Sandy, Indiana

Searched the web for some good home grown (in the US) unsulphured apricots and found these. I ordered 3 lbs in my first order and figured they would last at least 4 weeks. I them all in 2 weeks. They're great and have plenty of potassium. I would recommend them to anyone. ~ Chris

I have been ordering these apricots for 2 years and am pleased with the delicious tart flavor. It is hard to find sulfite free apricots . I keep a small amount in my refrigerator and freeze the rest. ~ Andrea

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