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Since 1946, the Gonzales family has grown the rare and fabulous California Blenheim apricots. Grown on our Hollister ranch, we continue to be the farmer, pruner, dryer, packer, and seller of the vanishing Blenheim apricot. We produce the best tasting apricots in the world all "Home Grown in the Flavor Zone"!

In addition to our incredible dried apricots, be sure to discover our variety of nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds) and other dried fruits (peaches, pears, prunes, and more). For those who believe less is more, we have dark and delicious unsulfured dried apricots. And don't forget our sweet and tart selection of apricot jams and syrups as well as our decadent chocolate covered fruits and nuts.  Simply delicious! Everything here on the ranch is organically grown.


Patti and Gary Gonzales, Hollister, CA

Real and uncensored reviews about ApricotKing!
Real and uncensored reviews.

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Dried Blenheim Apricots - Orchard Blend

Everyone's favorite "Home Grown In The Flavor Zone" dried Blenheim apricots. These are a blend of our slabs, fancy, extra fancy, etc. dried apricots. This is our best seller and we're almost out.

We've stopped allthe wholesale bulk sales and are saving these babies for our customers.........It's hard to be ApricotKing without the Orchard Blend Apricots!  Yikes......there's still slippits, and unsulphured, and jumbos.

 These Blenheims are sun dried, preserved with low sulphur dioxide, and soft and moist. They should be refrigerated to keep moist (if they last that long without being eaten).

Keep refrigerated. They will hold in the freezer for up to one year.


Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing Apricots

    Posted by Carole Crawford on May 29th 2016

    The Blenheim apricots from the Gonzales family are the ultimate taste treat! Difficult to convey just how good these Blenheim cots taste--you will never want to ever taste an inferior apricot! Every gift recipient I choose for these apricots, and the almonds and walnuts, is amazed at the unique and totally "apricot" taste-- unlike any other dried product anywhere. The only problem is that everyone demands them each gift giving occasion in the yeaI The walnuts are uniquely great--I say unique as I never enjoyed walnuts prior to these ones. Could not imagine preferring them to anything else as a snack with my apricots! We take packages on trips as a quality snack or meal replacement when needed. I don't think of visiting friends in Central America without at least five pounds of apricots and equal amounts of almonds and walnuts. The apricot jam and syrup are delicious as well. The apricot syrup also works as a marinade or on pancakes! All the items from the Gonzales Family are super so try all of them and find your favorites! I keep a supply in my freezer to have available year round!

  2. I am a repeat customer for a reason

    Posted by Keith H. on May 24th 2016

    By far the best dried California Blenheim Apricots you can buy anywhere. Don't waste you time anywhere else.

  3. Apricots are drlicious

    Posted by Lourinda on May 23rd 2016

    My mom makes the best fried pies from these dried apricots.

  4. Love 'em Apricots

    Posted by Jim Tomlinson on May 20th 2016

    Best apricots I have ever had ... need I say more.

  5. great apricots

    Posted by jgbridson on May 19th 2016

    i have been buying these apricots for several years and they cant be beat

  6. No comparison to Turkish imports

    Posted by Craig, Olympia WA on May 19th 2016

    These tasty morsels were ordered in large quantity to last the summer bike season, but now that the seal has been broken, I doubt they'll last thru Memorial Day. Great stuff. Bought the basic cots and the chocolate covered AND chocolate/caramel choices. Terrible temptations to have in my pantry.

  7. Apricot King has the best dried apricots you can get!

    Posted by Debbie Reinhardt on May 17th 2016

    I have been ordering these for quite some time and they are delicious! My only complaint is that they run out of the diced and the larger quantities too soon. The walnuts, chocolate covered almonds and the jam are wonderful too!

  8. A taste of home

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 24th 2016

    I'm originally from California and now live in Colorado. I used to always buy these apricots at our Saturday farmers market in Chico. Since moving I really missed them. I was thrilled when I found them online. These are the best dried fruit as are the prunes. I recommend them completely

  9. A taste of home

    Posted by Randy Oyler on Mar 9th 2016

    Growing up in Hollister Ca, I was always surrounded by Apricots so it was a regular thing.
    My first job was cutting apricots at the age of 9 slicing my fingers open trying to go through a box was very hard.
    The first house we lived in was the La' Bamba house on Southside Rd where the movie was filmed.
    Back then it was all about the Slabs. The cots were free back then I miss that.
    I now live in San Diego and this is the place to get the best Blenheim apricot's Thank you!
    A taste of home.

  10. Freshest dried apricots under the CA sun!

    Posted by Vivian and Jim Kalchbrenner on Feb 29th 2016

    We have enjoyed these apricots for years. We were introduced to them by family who live in the area. We were given them as a gift several times and then ordered them on our own. We even used them in gift bags with your almonds when our daughter was married on the West Coast in 2010. They were enjoyed by so many of our guests.

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