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  • Spring time!

     Nothing is more beautiful than apricot trees in full bloom. See our …

  • Running low on slabs

    We'll be discontinuing out big bag of slabs as we're running short....very …

  • Back in Stock

    Craving those Chocolate Covered Almonds?They're back.....back in stock.Just the …

About ApricotKing

Since 1946, the Gonzales family has grown the rare and fabulous California Blenheim apricots. Grown on our Hollister ranch, we continue to be the farmer, pruner, dryer, packer, and seller of the vanishing Blenheim apricot. We produce the best tasting apricots in the world all "Home Grown in the Flavor Zone"!

In addition to our incredible dried apricots, be sure to discover our variety of nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds) and other dried fruits (peaches, pears, prunes, and more). For those who believe less is more, we have dark and delicious unsulfured dried apricots. And don't forget our sweet and tart selection of apricot jams and syrups as well as our decadent chocolate covered fruits and nuts.  Simply delicious! Everything here on the ranch is organically grown.


Patti and Gary Gonzales, Hollister, CA

Real and uncensored reviews about ApricotKing!
Real and uncensored reviews.

AK News

No Jammers yet

My phone rings constantly with people wanting to buy overripe apricots.It's too early people.After July 1, and with all this heat, there will be plenty of overripe, soft, jamming cots.See us at the Farmer's Markets on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturdays, or Sundays.

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YES THE fresh cots are here

Our fresh cots are being alllllllmost ready.We picked a few for the Farmer's Markets.You can pick up your fresh on Sundays at the Mountain ViewFarmer's market or the Palo Alto Calfornia Avenue Farmer's Markets

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June Drop

It's called June Drop because apricots fall on the ground in June.It's natures way of pushing the frut along .....as the apricots grow bigger.....they pushthe little fellas off the tree.....thus creating June Drop.Blenheims are  still  too green to pick...but they're coming along.Changing my ETA to June 30.

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July 1......they'll be ready.

My phone rings constantly with the following questions:Do you have any fresh Blenheims?Are they ready?Can I go to the ranch and pick my own.?Answer:   NO                 Not ready                No, you cannot maneuver an 11 foot ladder and pick your own.

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We're having a Heat Waaaave!

Whew it's hot.....triple digits for the week....we'll hold onto order that includechocolates until we figure out the logistics.......be patient.....

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Always go in as a Guest

When placing  your orders, always log in as a GUEST.The button for entering as a returning customer will get you no where.You'll be lost in the password jungle and you'll never get through.Place your orders under:   I AM A GUEST

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Announcing the diced Blenheim apricots are back in stock:They can be refrigerated for a year......frozen for an eternity.Available on line.

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Life's Too Short

We've run out of our choice and extra choice grades of fruit.....This is what we've referred to as the Orchard Blend.       Good News:   The Fancy Blenheims that are plentiful are superior in flavor and size.         Bad News:    It will cost you a little more $Look for our Fancy Blenheims in [...]

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Some sweets added to your order!

We could all use a little treat about now.......We're continuing to add a special little sweet treat to all orders.Just a little something to brighten your day.

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Mangos are back

Mangos, dried, no preservtives, no sugar, are back.

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