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Since 1946, the Gonzales family has grown the rare and fabulous California Blenheim apricots. Grown on our Hollister ranch, we continue to be the farmer, pruner, dryer, packer, and seller of the vanishing Blenheim apricot. We produce the best tasting apricots in the world all "Home Grown in the Flavor Zone"!

In addition to our incredible dried apricots, be sure to discover our variety of nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds) and other dried fruits (peaches, pears, prunes, and more). For those who believe less is more, we have dark and delicious unsulfured dried apricots. And don't forget our sweet and tart selection of apricot jams and syrups as well as our decadent chocolate covered fruits and nuts.  Simply delicious! Everything here on the ranch is organically grown.


Patti and Gary Gonzales, Hollister, CA

Real and uncensored reviews about ApricotKing!
Real and uncensored reviews.

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2lb. Slab

Simply Slabs



"Which apricots are the sweetest?"

The answer to the question:




Slabs have the highest sugar content of all the apricots because they're longer on the tree...picked when they're soft and overripe.

Ours are machine cut, paper-thin, and delicate...even though they're the most labor intensive to produce.

These cots are separated from the rest of the pack by their unique color and flat-ness.

Blenheim slabs are the ultimate #1 choice of apricot aficionados everywhere!


Low in sulphur, so eat them, or refrigerate.


 14 oz.

2 lb. Better Deal (Back in stock)


Product Reviews

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  1. Most Delicious and Sweet Dried Apricots!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 14th 2023

    I love these apricot slabs, they are naturally sweet and use very low sulphur. They are thin, moist and delicate, not like other dried apricots that you buy in a store that are tough and chewy. ApricotKing is the only place I buy apricots and their walnuts are delicious too!

  2. Simply The Best!!

    Posted by Bob J on Feb 25th 2023

    I've been buying apricots from Apricot King for over 30 years, Without a doubt, they are the finest apricots on the market! Their service, professionalism and
    communication are excellent!
    Great product and company. Highly recommend!

  3. Thanks Patty & Gary for the best dried Apricots ever!!

    Posted by Moira Simunovich on Feb 16th 2023

    Once you've tried the dried slabs from ApricotKing you'll never buy from anyone else...they are so good that our adult children and the grandkids are always looking for them when they come home for a visit. I just had to send a 10 lb box to my daughter and her family living in Boston - they put them in their oatmeal , the kids lunch boxes and eat them like they're candy! Shipping is always fast and reliable. And did I mention the freshest walnut and almonds? So so good....yummy

  4. The Best Dried Apricots

    Posted by Kent Enomoto on Feb 10th 2023

    ApricotKing dried Blenheim Slab Apricots are the sweetest dried apricots you will ever taste. Do yourself a favor and buy a 2 lb bag. I guarantee you will not regret it. You might regret not buying two 2 lb bags of slabs.

  5. Great

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 1st 2023

    Moist and intensely flavored. Addictive.

  6. Great gift/surprise for my wife !

    Posted by Tim on Dec 27th 2022

    My wife grew up visiting Holister and working on a small apricot orchard and is spoiled when it comes to apricots…she says yours are just like they were “back in the day” she loved them and me for finding your company! Thank you for a great product

  7. The Best Apricots on the Planet!

    Posted by Julie on Dec 21st 2022

    As always, ApricotKing apricots are moist, sweet and delicious. A must for our family every year, especially around the holidays!!!

  8. Absolutely the tenderest moist and delicious apricots ever!

    Posted by Linda Kossin….Hayesville….North Carolina on Dec 20th 2022

    If you are looking for the best of the best …ApricotKing is your place. They sell the moistest most succulent and tasty fruit anywhere! I look forward to getting my apricots every year…they ship quickly and the staff here are so kind and wonderful! If you are a California apricot lover…this place is for you !


    Posted by Phil Steinhauer on Dec 18th 2022

    Just let your mouth enjoy the great taste that these will give you, I have bought from them in the past and I will continue to keep buying from them!

  10. The Best Slabs Ever!

    Posted by G Fox on Dec 13th 2022

    I won't eat any other dried apricots, apricot jam, or fried peaches unless they come from ApricotKing--they are simply the best!

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